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This article is about dualities inside of the Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon universe.

Dualities come in many forms, including juxtaposition, living a double-life and yin-yang relationships.

Here is a list of pairs (romantic or not) who have a yin-yang relationship:
» Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia
» Mamoru and Usagi
» Minako and Rei
» Nehelennia and Serenity
» Kakyuu and Usagi
» Makoto and Minako
» Ami and Makoto

I will let you figure out way the above are yin-yang pairs. The below are single people with a duality to them.

Sailor Venus
She is the most beautiful of the Four Guardians, in the BSSM universe that is, yet in the manga she has the most tomboy attitude — in Japan, a rather tomboyish way of speaking. She has a simple room, no frills and such, enjoys eating things that are considered masculine in Japan, prefers athletics — that is helpful for her life as a soldier of love and justice. Her beauty and her tomboy temperament form a duality with her.

Sailor Jupiter
Out of the Four Guardians she is the one who looks like a delinquent and a tomboy, yet she has the most feminine hobbies, temperament, and way of speaking in Japan — that is only the manga. She knows karate, yet she can clean her room (and others if they wanted), she can cook, and it is very likely that she knows ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement). Her looks and her temperament contrast each other.
Just something I wanted to get out of my head. That is all I have for now.
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