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I do wish that I could create and maintain a website with forums, an art gallery, and essays...
Weather the names are completely fictional or not does not matter for this entry. I am looking at punny names — which are when one's forename and surname (and sometimes middle name(s)) combined — and just silly full names. Nicknames are in quotations while their gender (if known) is indicated by either Mr. or Ms. (or, if known to be married, Mrs.) and if there is more than one person I will not tell. I you wish to add more, or say wish ones are names of real people, then leave a comment.

List of Punny Names
  • Candy Kane
  • Star Bright
  • Mr. Justin Case
  • Ms. Penny Banks
  • Mr. Lefton Wright
  • Ms. Crystal Shanda Lear
  • Ms. Wendy Day
  • Ms. Sunny Day
  • Ms. Honey Moon
  • Ms. Tijuana Hooker
  • Mr. Dick Burns
  • Mr. Mike Hunt
  • Mr. Harry Dick
  • Mr. Dick Rash
  • Ms. Venita Blackinke
  • Mr. Jack Wilde
  • Mr. Jack Lantern
  • Mr. Jack Box
  • Mr. Jack Adams
  • Mrs. Apple Smith — grandmother of Pomme Smith
  • Mr. Jack Knife
  • Mr. Jack Rabbit
  • Fa Shiheng (Chinese)
  • Ms. Acquanetta "Aqua" Tick ***
  • Maiden April Lee (a pun on Aprilly & maidenly) ***
  • Ms. Krystabelle "Krys" Tahl
  • Ms. Balas Ruby
  • Ms. Hel Hexham **
  • Ms. Bibiña White
  • Kika Belli (kick a belly) [surname unknown]
  • Mr. Dick Dang
  • Mr. Albert "Al" Dunn
  • Ms. Sofa Tune
  • Ms. Latifa Tune
  • Ms. Dodomi Tune
  • Ms. Doremi Tunes
  • Mr. Rusty Dike
  • Mr. Dick Large
  • Ms. Starzanne Stipes
  • Mr. Robin Graves [real]
  • Mr. Justin Love [real]
  • Ms. Eura Hogg [real]
  • Ms. Love Lee (a pun on lovely) [real]
List of Silly Full Names
  • Tsz Ng
  • Darling Loving
  • Jan Grocock
  • Emerald Jade
  • Sapphire Star
  • Ms. Nancy Anne Seancy
  • Mr. Peter Pan [real]
  • Mr. Buzz Aldrin [real]
  • Mr. Wei Wong ("way w[r]ong") [real]
  • Ms. Female Johnson (forename is pronounced as FEM-uh-lee) [real]
  • Ms. Dinah Mite [real]
  • Ms. Wendy Gail Winterling [real]
  • Ms. Star Twinkle [real]
  • Ms. Crystal Spring Waters [real]
  • My Dung Wynn [real]
  • Mr. Benjamin "Ben" Dover [real]
  • Neandra Thall
  • Mr. Richard Oliver Steele — nicknamed Dick O. Steel
  • Mr. Tak Ashit

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