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October 18, 2012: A Funny Statement.
My dad said, "my campfire better not 'bloom'," after telling him about 花火 hanabi and 火花 hibana. :giggle: You see, the written characters for "fire" and "flower" can, depending on the order their in, mean either "fireworks" or "spark". Flower-Fire — 花火 — because fireworks bloom in the sky because of fire.

August 22, 2012: Help! Anagram Requested! (or Anagram Help Spot)

I'm struggling to create a female name that is an anagram of Edward Esmay Elric. I do know that the female's first and last name is Alice Reddway, my problem is the middle name - the remaining letters are M E R S

Do you have any suggestions?

Interesting Art

There are just some things that are bound to be individual for each artist. Such as drawing a pokmon creature - say Pikachu - in a human form, I've seen a Chikorita with that.
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, imitation of popular poses is something I'd like to see, one of which is here.
Yin-Yang: A symbol of constant balance of darkness and light, neither is dominate for very long - and there are also similarities in yin-yang. I've yet to see some art like this. What I mean is art which incorporates yin-yang in some way, some art may have the characters in a symbolic yin-yang, or they wear clothes that are symbolic of yin-yang, they may even be two characters from the same manga or game which have a yin-yang personality. Such as an angel wearing dark attire with white eagle wings and a demon wearing light attire with black bat wings. From Yūgi-Ō! there is a yin-yang pair of Kaiba Seto and Jōno'uchi Katsuya, who not only have a yin-yang signature card but also have a yin-yang appearance and a yin-yang personality. Even the anime version of Sailor Chaos and Princess Serenity in Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon, they are a yin-yang.
These are a lavender colored version of the rose earrings on Sailor Jupiter! I would love to see a sailor senshi or any female really, wear these!
This is what Sailor Luna is wearing for her shoes.
I plan on creating names that serve as acronyms, which I will call acroname, for words. Both English and Japanese. I might include Spanish, that is a maybe. Each English acroname will have a minimum of three letters and a maximum of four, the Japanese acronames will have a minimum of two kana and a maximum of five kana. Some acronames will be English with Japanese acronyms, most of the Japanese acronames will be Japanese. One important note, I will not tell the gender. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send in a word.

Here is the journal entry, Acronames

Here is a list of some of the acronyms I plan to use:
Kimono Articles....
Kimono on Wikipedia
Japanese Kimono - The Origin on ArticleSnatch
Kimono Culture on Jooli
Dress and Adornment
Vintage & Antique Japanese Kimonos & Collectables on

Japanese Bushido

The below is from my DeviantID.
Interesting Websites
Sailor Moon Urban Legends Control - a site that wishes to control rumors. It's very sarcastic with it's response to the rumors.

Key Items, under the Final Fantasy IX section of the Chocobo Heaven website.

Fanart Central and Media Miner - both sites have fanart, Media Miner also has fanfiction.

Yours Truly a shrine for Zack from Final Fantasy VII.

Manga Scanlations:
MangaFox: Codename: Sailor V, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh,
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, and Naruto. Another is One Manga which had to take down it's uploaded manga.

Things That You Never Noticed About Pokemon - interesting things abound here, such as the layout of the Goldenrod Gym floor.

BLEACH character name list + meanings, Zanpaku Sword Megapost: Deluxe Collector's Edition, Remastered, and BLEACH volume poems - these three of interest to anyone who is interested in Bleach and/or Japanese language research study.

WordReference - the Japanese to English version.

Card Trivia section on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hagakure Productions::Sengoku Jidai Fashion - a very nice page for attire of the Sengoku era of Japan. The characters are from Inuyasha.

Theorist Corner on Five Lifetimes, One Love - a forum for Ichigo :heart: Orihime shippers.

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - a page for bad baby names. It's very sarcastic.
I will update, but it may be at least once at day, but other times it may infrequently at times. So you may have to be patient waiting for more. If you wish to contact me by email please use: shinwa . tsuki @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)
Special Written Characters
With marcon: ĀāĒēĪīŌōŪū
With umlaut: Ÿ
With circumflex:
With grave accent:
With acute:
Other: Œœ
For the dictionary: əŋ
Punctuation: 『』「」“”‘’・ー—
Fractions and symbols: ♀♂∞
Latin letters and numbers for Japanese script:
Greek letters:
I wish to hold a few contests and challenges, there may or may not a be a prize for my contests. They will be found in my Gallery under Contests and Challenges while My Rules and Awards is in my Journal.

I will be taking name requests see here for more information.
Heads, up: (new)
:new: I'm planning to add a 'Sailor Fuku Undress' and a theoretical page - on many things particularly for Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon, Xenosaga, and Yūgi-Ō! - maybe more.

I am planing to create a lot of Plastic Canvas boxes for the holidays. 13 Halloween boxes, 25 Christmas boxes, and some Easter boxes. I also plan to create a Hogwarts box. So, I may not be as active as I could be.
Must Get Done:
:bulletyellow: ...update BSSM Royalty Descriptions.
:bulletyellow: ...update Sailor Star Raitaa, maybe
:bulletyellow: ...write the Karol Senshi profiles, when more information is gathered... May take some time.
:bulletyellow: ...write the Etymology of my Sailor Children profiles.
:bulletyellow: I plan on creating a computer ID card [that I plan to call [ComID]] - that is similar to a Driver Licence of the USA in appearance, that you can see as a Meme [what ever that means...]. You may place the the ComID in your deviantID if you wish.
:bulletyellow: I plan on creating magazine covers - as if a character was viewing that magazine. I also plan on creating [or trying to] newspaper article(s) - again as a character was reading that article.

Note to Self:
I need to ...
:bulletgreen: ...finish write the abilities, items, and school names; relocate the senshi, royalty, and civilian names; and rewrite the Sun, Moon, Earth (SME) and Venus Royalty Lines and add more Tree Lines and give physical descriptions for them; and add the Etymology for them to be placed under my Sailor Children and Treelines.
:bulletgreen: ...write the profiles for the adopted children and others of my Blood+ characters and thoughts - viewers and watchers be warned: somethings were changed to fit.
:bulletgreen: ...add more Sailor Royalty lines. And update the Venus Line.
:bulletgreen: ...add my version of Names Etymologies that deals with only the official names (which will include all the names of Summons, Spells, Characters, Items, Locations, Weapons, Organizations, and the like).
:bulletgreen: ...add Vision Symbolism series,
:bulletgreen: ...update Trivia and Things of Note so to add theoretical information about reincarnation and birthing, planets and royalty, twin planets, rival planets, Earth and Sun Crystals, and more.
:bulletgreen: ...move the following Journal entries to the Gallery (most likely under scraps)
:bulletred: Translations - Issues
:bulletred: Food for Thought (maybe)
:bulletred: Personal Entry 1
:bulletred: Vocal Puns... (actually replace the old one)
:bulletred: Challenges for You
:bulletred: Study of Numbers...
:bulletred: Symbolism & Duality
:bulletgreen: ...write how I romanize Japanese to Latin letters, as soon as possible.
Heads, up: (old)
I have thought about creating three to four new characters for the BSSM&CNSV universe.

I will be placing my own versions of name origins - both English and Japanese names. So that others may view them. This includes certain puns and anagrams as well as other sources, just not usually found in a book or online. This will have a similar appearance to the etymology which may be found in a dictionary.

I plan to put more of the senshi that I have created with the Sailor Moon Dress Up Game by DracheaRannak.

I plan on creating a child for Seiya and Kakyū, and revamping My Sailor Moon Fan Characters - basically rewriting all of the profiles that belong to that one and then some more. By revamping - I mean rewriting the whole thing into separate profiles.

I plan to create an image so that anyone who has read my Sun, Moon, and Earth Lines will be able to visualize what I intend. Be on alert for my SailorNames Conversion deviant. I might be adding a NamePuns : Japan [which will include official and fan-made names].

I also wish to recreate the tiara-circlets, their accessories - such as earrings, their shoes, their gloves, and their full fuku attire (without the tiara, the accessories, or the shoes and gloves) of the sailor senshi some of the items on the computer. I will try to be as accurate as I can. No guarantees though. I will also be changing a few of the images uploaded here to something a bit more appropriate - particularly those which may have problems with copyrights...
Updated on: October 20, 2009
Updated on: January 06, 2010. I have moved things into Deviant ID Expanded in Journal.
Updated on: January 29, 2010. Added [Heads Up] here, this will change frequently.


United States
I also call myself Mythicall Moon on

I do wish that I could create and maintain a website with forums, an art gallery, and essays...
Weather the names are completely fictional or not does not matter for this entry. I am looking at punny names — which are when one's forename and surname (and sometimes middle name(s)) combined — and just silly full names. Nicknames are in quotations while their gender (if known) is indicated by either Mr. or Ms. (or, if known to be married, Mrs.) and if there is more than one person I will not tell. I you wish to add more, or say wish ones are names of real people, then leave a comment.

List of Punny Names
  • Candy Kane
  • Star Bright
  • Mr. Justin Case
  • Ms. Penny Banks
  • Mr. Lefton Wright
  • Ms. Crystal Shanda Lear
  • Ms. Wendy Day
  • Ms. Sunny Day
  • Ms. Honey Moon
  • Ms. Tijuana Hooker
  • Mr. Dick Burns
  • Mr. Mike Hunt
  • Mr. Harry Dick
  • Mr. Dick Rash
  • Ms. Venita Blackinke
  • Mr. Jack Wilde
  • Mr. Jack Lantern
  • Mr. Jack Box
  • Mr. Jack Adams
  • Mrs. Apple Smith — grandmother of Pomme Smith
  • Mr. Jack Knife
  • Mr. Jack Rabbit
  • Fa Shiheng (Chinese)
  • Ms. Acquanetta "Aqua" Tick ***
  • Maiden April Lee (a pun on Aprilly & maidenly) ***
  • Ms. Krystabelle "Krys" Tahl
  • Ms. Balas Ruby
  • Ms. Hel Hexham **
  • Ms. Bibiña White
  • Kika Belli (kick a belly) [surname unknown]
  • Mr. Dick Dang
  • Mr. Albert "Al" Dunn
  • Ms. Sofa Tune
  • Ms. Latifa Tune
  • Ms. Dodomi Tune
  • Ms. Doremi Tunes
  • Mr. Rusty Dike
  • Mr. Dick Large
  • Ms. Starzanne Stipes
  • Mr. Robin Graves [real]
  • Mr. Justin Love [real]
  • Ms. Eura Hogg [real]
  • Ms. Love Lee (a pun on lovely) [real]
List of Silly Full Names
  • Tsz Ng
  • Darling Loving
  • Jan Grocock
  • Emerald Jade
  • Sapphire Star
  • Ms. Nancy Anne Seancy
  • Mr. Peter Pan [real]
  • Mr. Buzz Aldrin [real]
  • Mr. Wei Wong ("way w[r]ong") [real]
  • Ms. Female Johnson (forename is pronounced as FEM-uh-lee) [real]
  • Ms. Dinah Mite [real]
  • Ms. Wendy Gail Winterling [real]
  • Ms. Star Twinkle [real]
  • Ms. Crystal Spring Waters [real]
  • My Dung Wynn [real]
  • Mr. Benjamin "Ben" Dover [real]
  • Neandra Thall
  • Mr. Richard Oliver Steele — nicknamed Dick O. Steel
  • Mr. Tak Ashit

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